Stairlifts for Narrow Staircases

If you have a narrow staircase in your home, you may believe that a stairlift is not a viable option for you.
However, with the Flow X stairlift, you can still enjoy the benefits of a stairlift even if your staircase is narrow. Specifically designed to accommodate narrow staircases, so you can still enjoy the many benefits of a stairlift. With a variety of rail start and end options available, we ensure that your staircase remains accessible and safe for everyone in your household.

How do stairlifts work on narrow staircases?

The Flow X stairlift is an ideal solution for people who have narrow staircases and need support to move around their home. It can be installed close to the wall, making it less obtrusive. This compact design also ensures that your staircase remains accessible for other family members in your home. Our Advanced Swivel and Levelling technology (ASL) allows it to be fitted on staircases as narrow as 610mm (24″). This feature, unique to Flow X, enables your stairlift to rotate while in motion, making it one of the most versatile stairlifts in the world.

How do stairlifts work on narrow staircases?

Enoy the benefits of a narrow stairlift

Space-saving design

Stairlifts designed for narrow staircases are specifically tailored to fit in limited spaces. They feature compact designs that utilise minimal space, allowing individuals to navigate narrow staircases comfortably.

Contemporary design

Flow X, designed for narrow staircases, has been designed with aesthetics in mind. The sleek and unobtrusive stairlift blends with the existing decor, without compromising functionality.

Increased accessibility

By installing a stairlift on a narrow staircase, you can enable people to move between floors independently and safely without the need for assistance or moving home.

What is considered a narrow staircase?

It’s important to know that the minimum width of a stair tread that standard-size stairlifts can fit into is 73cm (29 inches). If the stairs have narrower treads than this, then they are considered to be narrow and may pose a safety risk if a standard stairlift is installed in such a small space. This could lead to users injuring themselves by knocking into the wall or bannister, and other people using the stairs may need more space to walk past the lift without banging into it or tripping.

What is considered a narrow staircase?
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Narrow Stairlift FAQ’s

The Flow X is designed for both straight and curved staircases. An engineer will assess the design for your staircase and install a customised railing to match the design of your staircase and the number of landing spots.

Narrow stairlifts are more versatile than their standard counterparts in terms of space. But like our other options, they have a weight capacity of up to 275 kg, depending on whether it is a straight or curved stairlift.

Standard stairlifts require about 29″ of staircase width to be installed. If your staircase is narrower than this, you should consider installing a narrow stairlift. The Flow X stairlift can be fittent onto a staircase as narrow as 24″.