Altura Gold Home Lift

Discover the luxury of a home lift with
Altura Gold
The Altura Gold has a clean and simple design, highlighted with elegant details, making it an attractive addition to any home. You can choose from a selection of customisable options to coordinate the lift with your interior.

A home lift for every situation

The Altura Gold lift can be customised to match your home and your personality.

Design your lift
Design your lift

With an array of options on offer, the Altura Gold lift can truly become part of your home. Choose from a range of sizes, colours and details for the shaft, walls, floor and doors to create a lift that meets your needs and matches your surroundings.

A smooth ride
A smooth ride

Altura Gold is fitted with a soft start and stop device, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride every time you use your lift. Simply press and hold the destination button on the control panel, and let the lift carry you gently up and down through your home.

Easy to install
Easy to install

Altura Gold is designed to fit into small spaces with minimal construction work. The lift is supplied with its own metallic shaft, the lift mechanism fully contained within the shaft. It runs on standard mains electricity and can normally be installed in just a few days. Altura Gold is fully compliant with all relevant European safety standards.

Keeping you and your family safe
Keeping you and your family safe

In the case of power failure, a battery backup system will bring your lift safely down to a lower floor. A battery guard monitors the level of charge and ensures that there is always enough power in the battery to operate the back-up system. A handrail, an alarm button, an emergency stop and two-way
communication are all included as standard.

My wife and I renovated an old house, and of course we wanted to make sure that we could stay in our dream home forever. The Altura Gold lift was the perfect final touch to give us that bit of extra comfort.”

Technical Specification

Luxury in every detail

Technical ComplianceMachinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Drive SystemScrew/nut system
Maximum Speed0.15 m/s
Travel Height900–12000mm
Number of StopsMax. 6 stops per lift
Landing Doors1 door per floor Pro – 2 doors per floor
Pit50mm pit. If a pit is not possible, the lift can be used with a ramp
Console Wall Height2200 mm
Shaft Top Height2430 mm (elongation is possible)
Platform ControlsHold to run, floor button must be kept pressed during travel
Landing ControlsOne touch call
Emergency LoweringBattery operated emergency lowering, with battery guard
Control Voltage24V
Power Supply1-phase 230V 50/60Hz 16A
Maximum Power3kW
Rated Load250kg
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