Redefined HomeGlide Stairlift

By Bethany Ward on 3rd August 2022

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new HomeGlide stairlift, available from late August 2022, as part of our award-winning stairlift range.

Building on the astounding success of our original HomeGlide model, this new generation straight stairlift is the ultimate blend of elegant design and functionality, with a particular focus on user comfort. Its new features make this stairlift a superb value-driven alternative to the popular Flow X for anyone looking for a straight stairlift.

The newly enhanced HomeGlide model has been specifically designed to meet the needs of individual customers in the modern world. It features a new spacious seat with an increased depth, allowing for an improved postural position and optimal comfort for the user. In addition, the new design also has a soft neutral colour palette, wider seat and an increased maximum weight capacity of up to 160kg, meaning the HomeGlide will be more suitable for more people than ever!

For complete confidence, staying connected with family and friends has never been more convenient with the optional integrated call device. The new HomeGlide stairlift is also equipped with several additional safety features to ensure the stairlift meets the latest UKCA and EN81-40:2020 regulations. For example, the new retractable seatbelt designed for single handed use now features auto-detection technology, to ensure the seatbelt is fastened securely before travel. In addition, there are new detection points in the armrests to ensure they are in the correct position before riding the lift. Safety edges have also been built into the chair’s footrest and drive, so the user can rest assured that the stairlift will come to a complete stop in the event any obstacles are encountered.

The standard HomeGlide can now be enhanced with an ‘Extra’ pack, designed for those who want to benefit from additional comfort features. For example, an added auto swivel seat, an adjustable seat height and a linked powered footrest grant the user effortless entry and exit from the lift. In addition, for those with limited mobility, you have a more tailored fit, eliminating the need to bend down. A key lock switch is also included as part of the Extra pack, which is particularly useful with young children around or if the lift is used in a public setting.

We asked Rick Bennett, Regional Sales Manager for Northern Europe, for his take on the new HomeGlide, and this is what he had to say:

“I’m particularly excited about the arrival of our new version of the HomeGlide straight stairlift. Despite the challenges we have all encountered in the last two years relating to the supply chain and logistics, for reasons we know all too well, Access has enjoyed unprecedented growth in sales across all our stairlift products. However, as somebody said, “if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back”, and in order to continue our success, we must focus on forwarding momentum, and that’s where our new HomeGlide comes into its own: having a product fully in line with the new EN81-40 regulations and adapted to the needs of the UK local authority and other worldwide markets will ensure we both grow with the market and increase our market share. Developed and refined by the same engineers who created our market-leading Flow X, the new HomeGlide will, I’m certain, ensure our leading position in the stairlift market in years to come.”

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