How to choose the right stairlift in 5 easy steps

By Bethany Ward on 27th April 2022

Do you think you are ready for a stairlift but not sure where to start looking? Choosing the right stairlift can be made simple with 5 easy steps.

Stairlifts provide many people with great levels of independence in their own homes, whilst offering users comfort and confidence when travelling up and down the stairs. When you are choosing a stairlift, it’s important to consider a number of factors to make sure you get the right stairlift to suit your needs. As industry experts we know exactly what to do, so follow these five easy steps

1. Peer recommendation

Do you know someone who already owns a stairlift? If so, talk to them, they will be able to give you a good recommendation and talk you through the features of their stairlift, they might own a stairlift that is also right for you.

2. choose your stairlift requirements and options 

A stairlift is designed to help you, so it’s only right that the unit has all the features you need. Each stairlift can offer a different set of features and add ons. Below are some features that you may need to consider depending on your personal circumstances. 

Fold up seats and footrests – If you are a user with very limited mobility, you may need an automatic folding footrest to allow you to fold the stairlift away without having to bend down. 

Safety features – Stairlifts come with a lot of safety features as standard. However, some stairlifts are fitted with more features for peace of mind. The Flow X stairlift is fitted with an emergency lowering button and an integrated call device that can store and call pre-selected phone numbers, should you need them. 

Rail start and end options – Everybody’s house is different; you may have a door at the bottom of your staircase and are worried about the rail being a tripping hazard. You can choose an automatic folding rail or a vertical rail start, which will prevent the rail from blocking the doorway. 

Side transfer – A wheelchair user may need to transfer onto the stairlift from their wheelchair. A stairlift with armrests that extend outwards would be a user-friendly option that will allow for an easy transfer. 

Personalisation – A stairlift should be an exciting and modern addition to the home, you should be able to customise it to suit your interior. Our Flow X stairlift can be fully customised with a wide range of upholstery options and rail colour options, to suit your home. 

Once you are familiar with the features you would like, you can choose the right stairlift for you. 

Choosing the right stairlift

Flow X emergency call button


3. Make sure you get expert advice

When you’re looking at different stairlift options, you need to know that what you’re buying is right for you. A stairlift that is made to fit your stairs will fit in your home perfectly and adhere to safety regulations matched to your specific stairs. An expert will be able to talk you through the process, so you know that when you are choosing a stairlift it is right for you. 

4. Look at warranty and aftercare options 

Stairlifts are used multiple times a day, every day. So, it is important you choose a stairlift brand that is known for being high quality and reliable. For extra peace of mind, it is always good to know if you get a warranty with your stairlift. 

All stairlifts are manufactured to pass standards and quality checks. But all stairlifts, like anything, need looking after. This is where a warranty will come in, it will cover things such as repairs, replacement parts and maintenance. 

So always ask what kind of warranty you can expect with your lift. 

5. Choose a company you can trust

Here at Access BDD, we pride ourselves on the help and support we give to our customers. It’s vital that you choose a company that you can trust when it comes to purchasing a stairlift. As a company, we are proud to be a part of manufacturing products that make a big difference in improving the lives of people facing mobility difficulties. We give people the chance to regain their independence and confidence back when it comes to mobility. Read our ultimate guide to buying a stairlift to ensure you are making an informed stairlift purchase.

We have been keeping customers happy for over 30 years, providing high-quality mobility solutions for many different types of stairs, whether that be straight or curved. We also have customised lifts that are built to suit you, our most notable stairlift is the Flow X stairlift, designed with advanced ASL technology that enables you to manoeuvre around the tightest corners without affecting your experience.